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   Friday, February 10, 2006  

It's been a busy week. On Monday morning I rang and accepted one day a week at a childcare centre around the corner from my work. I am not at all sure that I've done the right thing, but as the Frontier Librarian pointed out I can always pull her out of there if I decide it's not for me. Maddles is four months next week so it seems very early, but my plan to justify this is that until I actually return to work I will only take her there for a few hours and will hover around for feeds etc. And yes, if she seems to hate it, or I hate it, I'll take her out.

So then I went to work to talk about coming back three days a week from mid April. This is scary too. At the moment if I have a rough night it doesn't really matter because my brain doesn't need to function much beyond remembering how to change a nappy and recalling which side she fed on last. But come mid April I'll have to interact with other people. And sound reasonably lucid. And find clothes that aren't covered in baby vomit each morning, rather than fishing out the least soiled garment for the day. Still, I'm also looking forward to it, oddly enough.

Then I went to Hardie Grant on Wed for an all day Go Girl workshop. Again, I was nervous because Maddles came with me and it was a really hot day. But it went well. It was actually very encouraging because almost everyone there either had kids or had them on the way yet they were all writers or publishers. It made me think that in some way it must be possible to do both. Came out with lots of ideas for new books which was good.

Then mothers' group yesterday which, despite my trepidation, I've been quite enjoying. Hearing other people's horrror stories definitely makes you feel better about your own less than brilliant days.

Tonight - Thieu and I are going out without the baby. We are going to see a play and the grandparents are doing the minding. Which is terribly exciting. Let's just hope Maddles doesn't scream the house down and put them off ever doing it again.
   posted by *mcb* at 11:43 AM


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