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   Wednesday, June 01, 2005  
19 weeks

Thieu and I went to our 19 week ultrasound yesterday. I was a little nervous because well-meaning people kept saying "You're not showing at all!" leading me to suspect... oh, I don't know... the worst, I suppose. But everything seemed fine. Pumping things were pumping. Skulls were full of brains. Small feet were stretching out and pumelling.

At this stage it is possible to tell the sex of the baby, if the baby is willing to let you see their bits. Now I swear Thieu, in the early days, insisted that we leave it as a surprise and I was prepared to go along with this even though I am terribly impatient and want to know things straight away. But as the ultrasound grew closer Thieu started saying "I don't understand why people think it's necessary to keep it a surprise" and I realised that there had been a change.

So we asked, and the sonographer told us what she thought.
A girl. Or a modest boy, with his bits tucked away. Both sound delightful to me.

I willingly paid the extra twenty bucks for the video (even though it has a terribly tacky cover with 'our baby's first video' written across it). When I got home I lay on the couch and watched it. In fact, I watched it several times and marvelled at just how clever Thieu and I are. Those tiny kidneys! That little stomach! The two walnutty halves of the brain. Incredible.
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