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   Thursday, March 10, 2005  
The Gates Project

The Institute for the Future of the Book has come up with a project to collect as many images as possible of the recent Christo art installation in Central Park, called The Gates.

Collected images are being posted on Flikr and there are some really beautiful images.
   posted by *mcb* at 7:38 AM


   Wednesday, March 09, 2005  

The friend formerly known as La Spinstaire (who is no longer eligible for this pseudonym) and I went to see Shynola be interviewed as part of Popcorn Taxi last night.
Shynola are best known for their video clips made for bands like Lambchop, Beck, Radiohead and Blur. (Go to the work section of the website to see stills from the clips - it's a frameset so I can't link directly to the pages. I hate that.)
You can download the very cute Junior Senior clip or the slightly disturbing, but still excellent Blur clip.

I was glad I went, but I find the Popcorn Taxi sessions to be irritating and last night was a good example. It was way too long, for a start - three hours is too long for a film and it's too long, for mine, to listen to an unstructured ramble. The Popcorn Taxi host is not a good interviewer. He gives the impression of having done no research whatsoever and of possessing a very limited interest in his interviewees. Worst of all, he has a terrible habit of looking around at the audience to see who is going to be the next person to ask a question while his guests are trying to answer his question. It makes me squirm with embarrassment to watch it.

I stopped going to Popcorn Taxi last year and now I remember why.
   posted by *mcb* at 1:06 PM


   Tuesday, March 08, 2005  
Frolicsome Flowers

I can't quite remember what the Google search was that lead me to this site but I'm glad I got there. I have enjoyed getting to know Caleb Cactus and his friends, although I suspect that Sweet William isn't nearly as sweet as he makes out.

Allen Aster concerns me a little, too. He looks like he could me most frolicsome indeed.
   posted by *mcb* at 1:01 PM


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