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   Thursday, October 14, 2004  

How interesting to see that barely three days after we were all being told how wonderfully strong the economy was and how the only way to ensure it stayed that way was by voting for the coalition that all of a sudden it seems that we should infact lower our expectations.
   posted by *mcb* at 8:45 AM



I've been seriously considering purchasing and ipod mini. Perhaps I can claim it as a tax deduction if I say it's in the name of research for my MA.
   posted by *mcb* at 8:40 AM


   Tuesday, October 12, 2004  
There were other annoying things that happened on Saturday besides the horrific slaughter at the polling booths. Firstly, I went in search of those little bits of foam that go on headphones so your ears are all comfy.
Well, I started with the two dollar shops and couldn't find any, although I could've bought a whole new set for, well, 2 bucks, but this seemed like such a waste of plastic that I decided to keep searching.

I went to Sony, which was where I got the headphones from originally. The guy behind the counter shook his head and said "They are classed as a spare part. You have to ring up the factory, give them your credit card number and buy them over the phone. Then they'll send them to us and you can pick them up."
I was incredulous.
"But they must wear out all the time. That seems like a very complicated procedure to get a couple of bits of foam."
"Yes." he agreed. "It is. And we do have people asking about it all the time."
But that was the end of that.

So I went to Tandy. They had packs of four ear-cushions for five bucks, which seemed extraodinarily expensive, considering that I could buy a whole set of headphones for 2 bucks in the shop down the road. So I gave up and have resorted to pulling my hair over my ears and putting the headphones over the top to add some padding. Not a particularly elegant look, I admit.

And then, my date with the Tax Man, which I hate, dread and put off until the last minute every year.This year wasn't so bad, as it turns out, and it looks like I'll even get some money.

The Tax Man's bill came to $97.60.
"How would you like to pay?" my consultant asked.
"Cash." I said, and pulled out two fifties.
He looked down at them, doubtfully."I don't have any change for that." he said.
"Well, I only need two dollars forty." I pointed out, helpfully.
He rummaged around in his pockets.
"No. I don't have any change. You're the first person of the day. I don't have any change at the start of the day."
This struck me as ridiculous. Surely at the start of the day is the time when you would have change? Especially if you're expecting people to come in and pay you money?
"Doesn't anyone else here have change?" There were a number of tax men in other booths around us.
He shook his head.
"No. But what I can do is take the money out of your return."
"Uh huh...."
"The only thing is that it will cost you an extra twenty dollars. Would that be ok?"
"No." I said firmly. "That would not be ok."
"But then I'll have to go down the street and get some change."
"You're too kind." I said.
He came back a few moments later with a Liptons ice tea and my two fifty, which I promptly pocketed and departed.
A victory of sorts, but the search for the ear-cushions continue.

   posted by *mcb* at 8:27 AM


   Monday, October 11, 2004  

I'm so depressed.
Another term and, realistically, probably at least two until anyone is able to pose a real threat to the Liberal stronghold. And the looming prospect of a Senate controlled by the religious right, from a party who says ridiculous things like "Bob's forest is a dangerous place." What does that even mean, anyway?

But what depresses me most of all is that this election proved that people really don't care at all about social or environmental issues. It all comes down to money and this is just so tragic that it makes me not want to live here anymore.

It's very worrying to contemplate what the next 3 - 6 years are going to be like in Australia.
   posted by *mcb* at 8:20 AM


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