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   Monday, December 23, 2002  
Travels across the Internet

Petite left last night and has arrived safely in Kuching to hang for a bit with the frontier librarians (and the sugar bun warriors) for the holidays. It's kind of odd to log onto their blog and see her arrived heralded there- it's kind of like she's vanished into my computer and turned up on theirs.

My blogging may be a bit sporadic over the next week. Back at work on Jan 2 and not sure how much sitting in front of a computer I want to do over the break. Much more interested in sitting by the pool, attending bbqs and sleeping in. Looking forward to meeting up with Jill who arrives in Melbourne shortly. Thanks to everyone who has offered so much in the way of useful advice and encouragement in my first year of blogging. I've really enjoyed it.
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Masters- chat
The Questioning Ant Goes Home part 2

ah ha! Repeated images from last week...
Not costing me anything in terms of bandwidth.
However, this is the last one.
I must say I'm a little nervous about this episode. I considered not putting it up at all.
It's moving into allegory and I'm not entirely sure if this is what I want to do
But it's hard to resist the urge to use the ants to discuss things that I wouldn't necessarily want to discuss with human characters
I can get away with more if I use the ants
Their conversation borders on the ridiculous, however, in this particular episode.
I guess I'm hoping, however, that it will seem amusing rather than completely absurd
This will be the last QA of the year
It has been an enjoyable thing to do this year, and I've been surprised by how much other people seem to like it
Hello JW. Are you reading the ALT tags this time?
Oh and hello Sensei. You're probably the other person reading these.
Don't really feel like being at work today.Not entirely sure why I am.
actually, it's partly so I can post these images on my blog. Isn't that tragic?
the questioning ant in discussion with a collegue about why humans don't link to ant blogs
hmmm. I'm running out of ALT tag material. Will go back to generics now.
have a good Christmas break.
and a happy new year.
drive safely and donate some money to charity. (that's a subliminal ALT tag.)

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