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   Friday, December 13, 2002  
Men Never Make Passes
at Women Who Drink Bottomless Glasses*

While in the shitty I took the time to get some more details about the venue I mentioned the other day that was offering bottomless glasses of wine to ladies.

I got it slightly wrong- Wednesdays not Mondays.
You pay 5 bucks and then you go for broke.
It's a place called Zulu lounge on Bourke near the corner of Exhibition, just up from Mary Martin's bookshop.

Looks like a classy place... (ehrm.)
I shall be taking up residence as of next Wednesday evening.

*luckily the women drinking the bottomless glasses do not care.
   posted by *mcb* at 1:26 PM



Just went into town to pick up the ring Petite gave me for my birthday (I had to get it adjusted.) I put it on right away. It is so beautiful that I had to struggle not to wave it in the face of the lunchtime traffic and say "Behold the wonderous beauty of my sister's gift."

Recently I read an article where the journalist said that she never wore rings because she had ugly hands. I, too, have very plain hands- broad palms, squat little fingers ("they look like fish fingers" the Left Foot once told me) and double-jointed thumbs. Not attractive.

But I kind of like them anyway. And as I admired my new jewel adorning my index finger I thought that this lucky digit was rather like the fat kid in a ballet concert who is up on the stage wearing the tutu she's always dreamed about wearing but never thought she would.

So I don't care if my hands are ugly.
I love the ring.
And fat kids should all get a chance to wear a tutu if they want to.
   posted by *mcb* at 1:20 PM


Mantlepies. The cartoon strip
   posted by *mcb* at 8:03 AM


Mantlepies. It's Quicktime Shenanigans
   posted by *mcb* at 8:02 AM


In one's own form

A number of people at work have had the task of creating a character for an animation. It has been amusing to see the subtle, but noticeable changes that this process has wrought on the way the boy looks. Each person has somehow managed to make the character look ever so slightly like themselves. The funny thing is that they all deny it vehemently.

These are small changes, of course- slight shifts in facial arrangements or the way the head sits on the neck. It has made me realise just how much of what you look like is to do with these tiny nuances- the lift of an eyebrow, the tilt of a face.

Currently, the character is with Waigo, and I think of all the people who have worked on it, he has made it look most like himself.
He tried to deny it at first.

Me: Waigo, it looks exactly like you!
Wagio: How can it? I traced it exactly from the line drawings that were given to me. I haven't done anything like it.
Me: It's those eyebrows.
Waigo: Well, yeah, I added the eyebrows. You have to have eyebrows.
Me: And that first mouth- that is such a you expression.
Waigo:yes, I did actually have to pull that face to draw the mouth.
Me: Ha!

(we then went off on a tangent as I tried to convince him that he and Keks should have quads and call them names that start with CMY and K. I'm not entirely sure of the rationale, but Waigo ran with it, as they say.)
   posted by *mcb* at 7:29 AM


Masters- link

Jens Winthers emailed and enlightened me on what her som tegneserie means. It means "here is a comic". And it's in Danish, not Dutch (but he kindly said that was a good guess.)
   posted by *mcb* at 7:21 AM


Drunk Ladies of Melbourne part 2

When I got home Petite was on the couch watching Survivor and groaning in horror as people ate bugs.

Petite said: Hey I liked your late post on your blog today about the bottomless glass of wine.
me: Yes, it made me laugh when I received those emails.

(pause, while in the background the Survivor's loved ones crunched through a spider or two.)

Petite: so.... where exactly is that place?
   posted by *mcb* at 7:18 AM


   Thursday, December 12, 2002  
Drunk Ladies of Melbourne

I am quite concerned.
Two Melbourne ladies have emailed demanding to know the whereabouts of the cafe offering bottomless glasses of wine to ladies.
I'm not entirely sure that I should disclose the information.
   posted by *mcb* at 4:51 PM


mental 'blog this' button

I walked through the city last night on my way to meet friends for dinner at The Blue Train and noted all the times I would have pressed the 'blog this' button if I had one somehow attached to my person.

-the couple shoving an enormous futon mattress into their station wagon in Smith Street

-the businessman squatting down to examine the playmate of the year barbie in the window of a shop In Bourke St

-the sign on a cafe that said "bottomless glass of wine for the ladies Monday nights" (classy)

-the teenage girl playing an elaborate game of "I'm going to stalk off and you have to come after me"with her boyfriend, which back-fired terribly when he shrugged his shoulders and started walking away. This meant the girl had to do a quick about-face and go scrambling off after him, cracking her gum furiously, her movements seriously impeded by the flapping of her oversized trousers.

But of course, I have no 'blog this' button in my brain so I had to pull out a post it note from my bag and write it on that, which I guess, in someways, is just as good.
   posted by *mcb* at 8:06 AM


Masters- link
translation - Jens Winthers Weblog has linked to me but I have no idea what is being said (I think it's in Dutch.) I'd really love to know what her som tegneserie means. Maybe I'll try babelfish.
   posted by *mcb* at 7:47 AM


   Wednesday, December 11, 2002  
Blog fiddling

I haven't really written much today.
I've been busy...
I have gone in to Blogger a couple of times and fiddled with a couple of little bits and pieces. And I've been thinking, just not writing. I've found myself wishing that I could install a "blog this" button in my brain so I didn't have to actually type the thoughts up- it's seems that you lose so much detail in the transfer process (as happens generally when you move something from one medium to another, I guess).

Often by the time I get in to Blogger I've forgotten what it was I wanted to say. I do write things on little yellow post-it notes and stick them on my computer, but then I forget what they mean.
My current batch of post it notes lists these topics:

encyclopaedias in taxis
email last panel of strip to those who ask?
a fake and kidding pie (vegetarian suggestion by Waigo)
make a twitching eye rollover
Agnes Varga interview- link
technology as the workplace scapegoat (computer ate my homework etc)
why we bullet points are comforting
making crop circles in your backyard by hanging off the washing line

They all sound utterly fascinating but I have no idea what I intended to write about them. I think the problem is that I feel 'safe' once they are on the post it note and then I just remove them from my brain entirely.
   posted by *mcb* at 4:55 PM


Masters- fiction- link
Vengeful hiking boots

Maybe it's my penchant for anthropomorphism. Maybe it's because I've always suspected that hiking boots give me blisters on purpose. Dunno. But I really like this post from Marcus.
   posted by *mcb* at 8:26 AM


Kris Kringle

No time to blog this morning- in a frenzy to get my Kris Kringle present organised for the work Christmas party on Friday.
Do I take these things too seriously? Would anyone else get anxious about an anonymous, under $10 present? It's reminding me of how, earlier this year when I was doing volunteer adult-literacy work I was come home feeling that I wasn't a very good volunteer. Ridiculous.

Got a letter from the Melbourne International Film Festival last night (who I also did some volunteer work for this year). It made me laugh- a letter telling me that I wouldn't be receiving a Christmas card as they had donated the card budget to Amnesty International. I think that's great, good on them, but it was rather like being told, quite formally, that I was not going to be invited to a party.

They need to embrace the e-card, then they could make the Conservation Foundation happy too.


JW wrote to me about this post, saying that he had received a similar letter from his bank. However, the letter was decoratively embossed and he felt that really, the only differences between this and an actual card was the thickness of the paper stock and the fact that the letter told him that it wasn't a card.
(yes yes This is not a card and all that.)
Ah, it amused me.
The compromise.
   posted by *mcb* at 7:36 AM


   Tuesday, December 10, 2002  
Masters- chat
The Questioning Ant Goes Home

This is my further attempt to play with the scrolling nature of the webpage.
Ive set the graphics up so that, theoretically, I can slice them up and then use the same fragments over and over.
However, the last time I did that (with the spider one) I had all kinds of alignment issues and I havent gotten around to building a suitable template yet.
Im going to see Sensai tonight, with the aim of working out a good system.
I made a list of things that made a comic truly web-based and not just print transposed to another medium. It seems important to me to make this distinction.
Using bandwidth intelligently is definitely a key factor in making a web-based comic, and given the repetitive nature of the comics I'm making, its embarassing that I don't use the same graphics over and over. Its a waste. But Im on to it.
The other thing that the web offers is text. Again, Im not using the medium correctly by using graphics instead of text, but the problem is control of how it looks. I hate the idea that the comic will not look the same on my computer as it does on others, but clearly this is the nature of the medium and I really need to get over it and come up with a solution.
ALT tags are uniquely web-based too, although not all browsers support them. I guess Im not really using them correctly doing what Im curently doing (that is, using them to add information about my thought process) but it is very tempting to use it this way. I like the idea that most people won't ever even bother rolling over the graphics and seeing this text. It becomes like notes to myself.
Im not entirely sure about this whole comic thing at the moment.
Im worried that real comic artists will find it and be either scornful of it or angry that Ive been calling it a comic when it is so basic.
But Ive been thinking that in the final version of my masters I will take the conversations and work them up a bit more- so that there is more a sense of them conveying a scene.
Ive been trying to do this already, using the opening frames to give a broader view of the surrounds and to set some kind of sense of scale.
Does it work? I cant tell.
Ive done a lot of these picture chats recently on the subject of blogging.
This is partly because I find it a useful way of clarifying my own thoughts on a topic: putting these ideas into little bite-sized chunks helps me to be succinct, too. Its an added bonus that blogging is a topic that lots of people are interested in.
However, I think I might do the next few ones about the characters- try to give some background as to who they are, etc.
Im also quite keen to put some distance between myself and the Grumpy Girl character. It makes me a little uneasy that we have merged.
Its an interesting thing though- the melding of the ficticious and the real voice.
The end.

previous Grumpy Girl
   posted by *mcb* at 7:36 AM


   Monday, December 09, 2002  
Diary -link
Eyebrow art

Completely irrelevant, but I was most amused by the images of eyebrows described as being like supine, well-fed badgers.
(we badgers are happiest when we are supine and well-fed).

[via Anita Rowland]
   posted by *mcb* at 1:10 PM


Stealth blogging
I love this post by Mark- it made me laugh. I like how he describes the sensation of finding that blogs have been updated while you sleep- it does sometimes feel like an almost magical transformation. It made me think that despite the fact that the web is designed to be easily updated it is really only weblogs that change frequently.

I'm also interested to hear that Melbourne is now the hippest place in Australia. I wonder what the criteria was?
   posted by *mcb* at 7:50 AM


The Plan
So here's the plan for the next couple of months:

1.go to Adelaide with Thieu for Christmas, coming back on New Years Eve
2.go back to work on Jan 2 to cut the promo video thingie which has to be done before the schools go back
3.get my proposal all written up and ready to be approved before...
4....I go to Cambodia for a month on Jan 25.

I think it's going to be a fairly hectic lead up to the departure date, especially as I'm really determined to get my proposal done by then. My supervisor, RB, is in town at the moment and I really should try to get a draft ready to show her.

I did sit down at my computer last night to start writing it up, but I became distracted by eating cherries. Well, not so much by the eating but by the counting of the stones afterwards to find out what kind of man I'm going to marry. The first time through I ended up with a sailor, but clearly, that is never going to work out. He'd be away most of the time and I'd be concerned about his fidelity. So I ate a few more (it's cheating to count them out before hand to fix the result, by the way) and ended up with a tailor. Hmmm. There would be good things about marrying a tailor, especiallly considering that I always have to get pants taken up , but I think I'd feel like he was judging me if I slopped around in bad clothes sometimes.

So then I ate some more cherries and ended up with a tinker. I'm not entirely sure what a tinker is but I think it's a kind of a gypsy and while the idea of travelling around in a caravan pulled by a horse certainly does have its appeal I'm just not entirely sure that its the life for me.

By this time it was 10:30 and my page still said OBJECTIVES but there were no excellent points listed below it.
Tonight, I'll work on it tonight.
   posted by *mcb* at 7:44 AM


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